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Excursion Peshelan - Arzamas





Excursion Peshelan - Arzamas

Departure from Nizhny Novgorod to Peshelan (120 km).
Arrival in Peshelan. Excursion to the unique and the only underground museum in Russia «Museum of mining, geology and speleology» *.

ATTENTION! * This excursion is only for those who are over 14 y.o.

- Transfer to Arzamas (15 km).
Sightseeing tour of Arzamas. The main religious buildings in this city are located on Cathedral Square. You will see the majestic five-domed Voskresensky Cathedral and Church Zhivonosnogo Istochnika. There is a complex of the Nikolsky Women’s Monastery, where is located the miraculous icon «Getting rid of the troubles of the afflicted». Down from Cathedral Square there is Gostiny Ryad Street. It is noteworthy that this street is a continuous row of houses with a unified facade. The next street is Uritsky and it is famous because of a large number of trading rows. Uritsky Street goes to the city bus station and to two magnificent white-stone cathedrals from which Communist Street goes up to the hill.

From Cathedral Square you will walk along the pedestrian part of the city – Karl Marks Street. Actually, it was named because of the victory of Soviet people in the Second World War (despite the deceptive name). There you can even find a small Victory Park.

Departure from Arzamas.
Arrival in Nizhny Novgorod.

The price list:

The cost for 2 people – 22,000 rub.
The cost for 4 people – 30,000 rub.
The cost for 8 people – 40,000 rub.
The cost for 15 people – 55,000 rub.
The cost for 30 people – 85,000 rub.


«And there are also caves that are called Special, where there is no passage of time, and a man that enters into them may disappear for centuries or be cast out into a different time, or even into another Special Cave» – this is said in an old treatise.
We don’t promise that you will find yourself in a different era if you visit the only underground museum in Russia, but there are many surprises in wonderful underground labyrinth that await you at every step. They were prepared by Nature itself.

You will learn a lot of new and unconventional things. For example, the gypsum isn’t only a plaster cast for a fracture, but also a wonderful and eco-friendly building material. A large number of neat houses are built of this unique material. In the village of Peshelan you will visit the Peshelansky gypsum factory that is one of the best enterprises in Russia engaged in the development of gypsum deposits.

An amazing museum was created in an operating mine at a depth of 70 meters. Unusual thing begin already on the surface, at the foot of the Gypsum Mountain. You put on special uniform – a miner’s jacket, helmet with a flashlight, and go down into the mysterious underground world. Here is a unique collection of minerals, outlandish stone crafts created by craftsmen.

A few meters later there is a meeting with the distant past: a place of a Stone Age man. You will see samples of ancient cave paintings. You will also enjoy sudden sounds of falling water and observe the view of the underground lake and waterfall. There are a lot more things that you will see. If you are a realist – then you would find an explanation for everything, however if you are a romantic – you would feel the breath of mystery.

Returning back to the surface of the earth, you will visit a fabulous mini-farm with hens, herons, peacocks, guinea-fowls, black and white swans and unusual flowers. After black and white colours of the underground world, you will feel how good life is on the earth and how many bright, pleasing to the eye colours are here.